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Fleet Management

RMUS recommends using our Fleet Management Software powered by Airdata.  We have tailored this solution to be the simplest, most-cost effective solution for managing your UAS Fleet.  The software integrates with each manufacturer we carry, so as you build your fleet, the software can scale with it.  Watch tutorial video on this solution.

We also offer DJI Flight Hub both the hosted and on-premise versions.  This solution is becoming more popular as a software management tool to remotely manage the firmware and users permissions on each DJI Aircraft in your fleet.

For larger fleets, we recommending using both products as the RMUS Fleet Management Software powered by Airdata excels at data tracking, the DJI Flight Hub excels at remote flight control software management on DJI systems.  If you are interested in our managed fleet management services, we can utilize whatever UAS Fleet Management Software you are using.  We just need to have some administrative access to assist with maintenance, equipment allocation and pilot correspondence. 

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