Personnel - Start by Downloading the RMUS UAS Crew Org Chart.

Standard Operating Procedures - You will need to create procedures for your UAS team to follow to ensure safe operations and compliance with FAA regulations.  Take the RMUS D3P - Drone Program Managers online course to learn more.

Budgeting - Plan for more than just the drone!  Allocate part of the budget for training, support equipment (tablets, computers, SD cards, etc) and software (flight data logging, data processing, etc).

Professional Services - Work with the RMUS professional partner network for assistance with UAS program creation needs. 


RMUS has created complete mission specific solutions.  

RMUS Ride-a-Long Drone - Minutes to deploy for fast situational awareness.

RMUS Law Enforcement Drone - Drone Solutions for public safety entities. 

RMUS Fire Drone - Drone Solutions for firefighting. 

UAS Program Accessories - Additional Items needed for UAS programs.

Long Duration DronesUAS solutions that provide over 45 minutes of flight time.

Confined Space DroneSafely inspect tanks, stacks, vessels, conveyor belts, boilers, furnaces, pipelines, sewers and more.

Pix4D Image Processing SoftwarePost flight modeling software.


Training - Train UAV personnel on your SOPs, flight safety, equipment and processing software.  RMUS offers online courses and on-site trainings.

Tracking - Need to log flight data, pilot information and equipment maintenance. Learn more about RMUS Fleet Management Software powered by Airdata.

Practice - Practice, Practice... keep developing your teams piloting skills.


Battery Care - Batteries need to be cared for properly to ensure longevity and safety.  Learn more about battery care.

Software Updates - Similar to a computer or phone, UAS equipment software needs to be updated from time to time.  Learn more about UAS Equipment care.

Product Protection - Learn about maintenance and accident repair programs.

Support and Scaling

Professional Services - Continue to build and scale your UAS Program working with the RMUS professional partner network.

RMUS Fleet Management LiaisonDedicated RMUS team member to help manage your program and fleet.

Continued Success Best Practices - 

  • Debrief after each mission to improve UAS crew communications and operations.
  • Continue to practice piloting skills and create mock training scenarios.
  • Share best practices within your organization.
  • Keep updated on the latest UAS hardware, software and related technologies and regulations.  
Vetted Equipment Sales
Our expert staff vets all products we sell and have extensive expertise to provide training and support.
Our goal is to transfer our extensive knowledge of Unmanned Systems to our customer base and the entire Unmanned Systems industry.
Tech Support
Our technicians are trained and certified by the equipment manufacturers to provide our customers with immediate, competent support.
Professional Support
We are pioneers in the commercial UAS industry and have been building, designing, and selling UAS solutions since the start.